Here are a few simple steps to get your Dohop whitelabel going

1. Account settings

First you need to fill in your Account settings. The link to your account settings is in the blue header, under Account.

2. Create a whitelabel

The next step is to create a new whitelabel. Click the orange button marked "Create a new whitelabel" in the upper right corner.

  • Give the whitelabel a unique name. This should be a single word, something like "FineFlights"
  • We recommend you add your contact email so we can get back to you.
  • Add your site url so we can check out your implementation.
  • Pick your preferred method for integration. If you already have a site where you just want to add a flight search, select "Embedded". To create a complete and separate flight search page, select "Stand-alone" To use a CNAME record to refer to your whitelabel (i.e., enter the appropriate cname in the relevant box and create a cname record in your DNS that points to
  • Click “Create whitelabel” and you’re done.

3. Customize

Then you can add the whitelabel content and look and feel (theme) using the links in the left sidebar. The Look and Feel can be used to change the color of everything from the background to the links. Under Content, you can set your own header and footer in the CNAME Settings tab.

The “Look and feel” link in the left sidebar allows you to edit fonts, colors, etc. for various parts of your site. You can also supply your own css, including a complete change of all colors and backgrounds.

4. Earn money

To start earning money from your whitelabel, click the “Revenue share” link under "Account" in the top right and apply for Revenue share. Please read the conditions carefully.

Under the “Visits” link in the left sidebar, you can see your visits, leads, lead values and commission earned.

To use your whitelabel in your site, you can either add content in the admin area or simply use the plain old whitelabel in an iframe.

5. Finish

To take a look at your edited whitelabel, simply click “Preview” in the banner that appears after any changes have been made.

Don't forget to press "Publish" once you are ready for your whitelabel to go live.

We do not provide any real HTML/CSS support, but for technical issues you can contact us at