Frequently Asked Questions

About the Dohop Affiliate Program

What is Dohop?

Dohop is a flight metasearch engine. Dohop was voted the “World’s Leading Flight Comparison Website” at the 2014 World Travel Awards and has offered a world-class flight metasearch since 2004. It is a great tool for people to search for, and compare, airline prices all over the world.

Dohop’s technology is industry-leading and built to search for the cheapest flights available. Due to its unique Self-Connect technology, Dohop offers flight connection results that can’t be found on other sites focusing both on the cheapest and the best options.

What is the Dohop Affiliate Program?

The Dohop Affiliate Program makes Dohop’s flight search available for anyone to add to their website as a pay-per-booking travel affiliate program. This gives affiliate marketers access to Dohop’s flight search and a chance to earn money from their website traffic.

Partners create their own version of Dohop’s search engine, with their own branding and colors, and set it up on their own website. The whitelabel is available for all major markets; in 29 languages and over 100 currencies.

Commission for flight bookings made on sites using the Dohop whitelabel search varies but our average affiliate commission is around €5 per booking.

What do I have to do to get started?

It’s simple:
  1. Join the Dohop Affiliate Program
  2. Choose the type of affiliate you want (stand-alone or embedded)
  3. Set up your own version of Dohop’s search box on your website
  4. People search and book flights through your website
  5. We pay you 50% of the commission we receive from each booking.

Is it free?

Yes, the Dohop Affiliate Program is completely free. There are no hidden fees and no maintenance costs.

Why should I choose the Dohop Travel Affiliate Program?

If you are looking to use a world-class flight search engine on your website, the Dohop Travel Affiliate Program is the right program for you. Consider some of the benefits of joining our program:
  • Technology: Dohop’s unique technology allows us to find the cheapest flights possible. Our focus on self-connect routes gives users more cheap options to choose from.
  • Commission: Dohop offers some of the best commission share in the business. For every booking we split our commission 50/50 with you.
  • Customization: We localize our Whitelabel product for all major markets in 29 languages and over 100 currencies. Customize our products to meet your specific needs, both in terms of functionality and design.
  • Responsive: Dohop’s search box adapts automatically to the user’s screen so it works equally well on desktop computers and smartphones.

What you need to know:

Commission averages According to the type of flight that is being booked and the vendor who provides it, the commission can vary. Your commission per booking of a single flight can be anywhere from EUR 2.20 to EUR 16 but we found that the average is somewhere around EUR 5.


Some vendors (e.g. airlines) do not pay any commission for sales created on their behalf through Dohop and affiliates. The commission that you normally get is 50% out of our own commission. If we do not get any commission then we sadly can’t share anything with you. So, the type of vendors who do not pay commission are called “Freebies”. If you would like to add or exclude Freebies from your engine you can log in on -> Content, and then find Exclude Freebies and thick the box accordingly.

Hotel Affiliate

Although we are currently working on making the hotel affiliate available to everyone, for now we only offer the hotel affiliate to travel agencies who actually book the hotel stay on behalf of their clients. The way this works is that we give you a trackable link which you can use to book hotels for your clients. For every booking you get 50% of our commission. That can yield you anywhere between EUR 1.5 to EUR 40 according to the type of hotel booked, the price of the booking and the commission structure. If you are interested in getting one the affiliate links for the hotel booking then you will have to send us an email at

Setup & Customization

Settings & Content

Name: this can be anything as long as it is unique and a single word without spaces. So “cheapflightsitaly” is fine but “cheap flights italy” is not. Likewise, “my_unique_whitelabel14” is fine but “My Good site” is not.

Contact email: this is your email in case we want to reach you with info about your account or any updates related to the Affiliate Program

Hosting url: the site where your whitelabel will be set up. This is just so we know where you will be set up, in case we need to have a look or help out.

Stand-alone VS embedded: Here you choose the implementation that best suits you. Most likely the embedded version is the one for you. This is where you copy the code for the search box and place in your site’s HTML. Stand-alone requires a CNAME setup on your side and results in a dedicated flight search page which we host but appears under - for instance -

Look & Feel

This is where you can customize your whitelabel. Everything from choosing fonts and colors, to choices about the type of map you want.

If you know css you can go to the “Custom CSS” tab and add your own css rules to your whitelabel, or a url to your own css.

Can I create multiple whitelabels?

Each user can create three whitelabels. If you need more than that, please get in touch with us by sending an email to

Is the Whitelabel responsive?

Yes. Our search is responsive, which means that it will fit into almost all websites and will automatically shrink down if your users are using tablets or smartphones.

Technical Information

CNAME vs Embedded

A CNAME version of the flight search can be set up with relative ease. You create a subdomain on your site, such as and create a CNAME record in your DNS that points to The embedded version of the whitelabel is simpler to set up and ithe most popular. In the case of the embedded whitelabel, you just go to “Get the code” and paste the iframe info where you want your whitelabel to appear.

Setup & Content FAQs

Can you help me set up my website or affiliate tool?

Unfortunately all of our website developers and designers are busy improving our main website,, and cannot help setting yours. Check out some of our resources that are meant to help you build your website.

Our goal is to create an affiliate system which is so easy that anyone can start using it without any problems. If you are unable to set up any of our affiliate products, please carefully read through the help materials and then contact us.


Use these tips and resources to make the most of the affiliate program.

How do I get more traffic?

To get more traffic to your website you can use different marketing techniques starting from checking and improving your website SEO to using social media to push traffic towards the website or taking advantage of advertising methods. It’s always good also to make sure you’ll send traffic to your flight search engine itself, particularly if you have a stand-alone setup. You can do that by linking from your landing page, adding call to actions regarding flights, writing blog posts that link to the search engine and more.

Links to specific flights

If you would like to promote only particular flight results with a set destination, origin and date then you can do that. If you would like to only link to one particular flight result, if let’s say you have a campaign promoting Thailand as a destination, you can actually promote the cheapest flight to Thailand from a set origin. To learn more about this, read our blog post.

Should I pay for online advertising?

Paying for advertising is up to you but it’s always a good way to direct traffic to your website or even better straight to your whitelabel page.

Where should I advertise?

There are many advertising options whether you are thinking online or even offline for reaching a clear, focused territory.

Online advertising requires few skills but it’s something you can easily gain online. You can start with social media advertising which is more straight-forward. You can try Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram or even Youtube advertising. You can read some of our social media tips HERE.

Having a clear strategy in place to begin with is going to be helpful and will keep you focused.

Then there are Google search ads and AdWords ads. You can also create retargeting campaigns on which you can read more HERE. All of the mentioned advertising types require a budget and ideally A/B testing your messages to make sure you are getting the most results from your setup.

What about SEO?

Read one our blog posts where we talk about SEO for affiliates. (link)



Your whitelabel dashboard allows you to closely monitor traffic, clicks, bookings and the amount of commission gained in the last 30 days. You can also see your total commission earned and drill down into your data using filters.

Why did my reported commission suddenly decrease?

You dashboard shows your earned commission for the past 30 days. If your commission suddenly decreases, it’s most likely because commission earned 31 days ago is now not reported. Make sure to go to “visits” and change the reporting period to see if this was the case.

Commission & Payment

What kind of commission structure does the affiliate program use?

The Dohop Affiliate Program uses a per-booking commission structure. This means that we pay per booking. Through experience, we know that this commission structure is, on average, more profitable for our affiliates.

How is revenue created?

When visitors search for flights on your site and then click the 'Select' button in the search results, they go to a third party websites, such as or British Airways to complete a booking. If they complete their booking on that site, you will get 50% of the commission we receive from the vendor. We have completely switched to a per-booking commission structure, so instead of earning, on average, EUR 0.08 for each lead (when the user clicks “Select”), you will receive €5 on average for each booking.

How much can I earn?

Your earnings will depend on the type of traffic your website has. Our affiliates’ earnings vary as they greatly depend on the quality of the traffic. The average commission, for all categories and affiliate sizes, is approximately €5 per booking.

So how much, exactly, do I get for each booking?

We wish it was that simple. In reality, different vendors pay different commissions for bookings. That’s why your commissions will vary for each booking, depending on which vendor your user booked through. What we can guarantee, however, is that you will always get 50% of whatever the vendor pays us. As mentioned above, on average, our affiliates earn around €5 per booking made but there is no fixed amount. Focus on driving quality traffic to your website to increase the average commission per booking.

When do I get paid?

In order to qualify for payment you will need to earn EUR 300. Once the balance of your monthly earnings reaches EUR 300, you will be able to create an invoice. Once you have created the invoice, we will then send the payment to you via your choice of transfer. How do I create an invoice? That’s pretty straightforward! Once you have reached €300 you should go in the upper right corner under “Account” and then choose “Revenue Share”. Then you will see your statement with the amount you have gathered. If you click “Create Invoice” then you will send over the invoice to Dohop and we will pay as per the explanation in the next question: “How long do I have to wait for payment”.

How long do I have to wait for payment?

You can expect payment within 45 days of creating the invoice. If you have not received payment after 45 days, please make sure that you have created the invoice successfully. If you cannot find a problem on your side, please contact us at

How do I get paid?

We currently offer payments through PayPal, bank wire transfer, Skrill, and ePayments. If none of these methods work for you, please let us know at We will pay our affiliates on the first weekday after 45 days have passed from the creation of the invoice.

I have earned the minimum amount, why am I not getting paid?

Your invoice was not created correctly or we did not receive it. Please let us know at

Why have I not received commission for my booking, or very little commission?

If you know for a fact that you are missing commission for a booking, there could be a number of reasons. Perhaps the booking was made through ClickTripz (comparison window) or maybe it was a “freebie”, meaning that it was booked with a non-paying vendor. In some cases, data will not appear in your dashboard until 1-2 days later. If you have eliminated all of these possible explanations, it might indicate a problem with a vendor. In that case, please contact us at and we will look into the issue.

As far as low commissions, we have different agreements with different vendors. Some vendors pay us a fixed amount while others pay us a percentage of the ticket price. Some vendors simply pay very low commission. In all cases, however, you will be getting 50% of the total commission.

Even though we would be happy to help with what could be a significant vendor commission error, we suggest that our affiliates focus their efforts on increasing and improving their traffic instead of individual bookings. Our experience tells us that this is a much better strategy. Focus on building quality traffic for you website, as suggested by this post: The Problem With Travel Affiliate Programs.

Can I get paid in a different currency?

Yes you can. Other available currencies are USD, GBP, DKK, NOK, SEK, and ISK

Additional FAQs

I don’t have a website. Can I still join the affiliate program?

Yes. To use the affiliate program you do not need a website. You can just create a self-standing whitelabel and your newly generated search engine will remain hosted with us. To find the link that your new whitelable is available at you can just choose “visit site” from the left menu and then copy the link from the URL. That’s the link you must share with people so every time they book a flight you gain commission. To learn more read our blog post

How can I use the affiliate program to book for myself, family, or friends?

You can book for yourself, family or anyone, but know that the expected commission per booking is still around €5. Although this is not the best way to get a “discount”, the booking will still count towards your total.

Can you host my website?

Dohop is not a hosting company. We do host your actual whitelabel, but we do not offer hosting for your entire website. For small website hosting, we recommend Dreamhost and for larger sites we recommend UKFast.

Can I get support in other languages?

We strongly suggest using English when seeking support. However, we are also able to provide support in Icelandic, Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian, and German if needed.