Flights from Nice to Kef

We made something special. For you.

Back in 2004, before sites like Dohop existed, a man need to get from Nice, France, to cold, distant Iceland. To do this he had to search for flights on one page at a time. The low-cost airlines were relatively new then and were not available on most OTAs (OTA is travel shorthand for Online Travel Agent, sites like eBookers and Vayama) and so he had to visit them one by one and check their prices, and then try to combine them with other airlines to get home. It took hours.

After a long time searching and creating an itinerary by hand, he finally arrived in Iceland with all his luggage, and an epiphany. “Why isn’t there something online that does all this for me?”

Flights from Nice  to Kef

Simple, no?



The traveling man found a few clever programmers and explained the problem to them. They soaked their brains in the best coffee available and soon Dohop was born.

Cleverness that saves you money

Now, like I said, these were clever fellows, so in just a few months the first version of Dohop went live. However, since there are a surprising number of archaic airline rules that those “in the business” know to follow, most flight search sites look (or at least act) the same. Not Dohop. We did some things in ways that are unique, because we didn’t know about all these rules you were supposed to abide by and ended up with something truly clever we call Self-Connect. Before I explain the tech behind it, here is an example. (Fittingly, it is for a flight from Nice to Keflavik.)

This is the cheapest flight price as it will appear on most other search engines, the cute little sites we sometimes call our competition:


Now, enter Self-Connect.

This, however, is the top result you will see for this search on Dohop:


To book the €326 itinerary you would need to make 3 separate bookings, gathering your luggage and check in again at the stop-over airports. But the reason you should care is rather obvious, right? The reason our affiliate partners should care is this: for the cheapest flights, like the one above, they would be earning three times what they would normally do.

Our affiliate partners earn a certain lead value for every lead generated. In the example above, a lead would be generated for each click that took the user to a new booking site. And since the user is getting a cheaper price than is available anywhere else, they are happy. Since the affiliate partner is earning three times what they would otherwise be earning, they are happy.

Everyone wins!

Written by Johann Thorsson
Johann is on the Marketing team at Dohop. If you provide pie, he will come and speak at your event.