Travel Affiliate Program

The Only Way is Up


Update: We have now switched entirely to a per booking commission structure, so some statements below are now dated.

From Jan 1st 2014 onward, we pay our flight affiliate partners a commission per booking for the vendors that can track it. You may recognize some of them:

  • eBookers
  • Germanwings 
  • Aer Lingus 
  • Bravofly 
  • British Airways 
  • Airtickets24
  • Tripsta
  • Expedia
  • …and many, many more. 

For those that aren’t able to track sales we will continue with a per-lead payment scheme.

– What This Means For Our Affiliate Partners –

If your traffic is good, your earnings will go up. If you had a lot of visitors that weren’t converting well, you will see a drop in your earnings. Looking at it from our side we see that the total earnings are pretty close, with more going to the smaller sites.

Summary of Commission

An example is a whitelabel that had a 35 EUR commission for just a few visits. We thought it was an error and tracked it into the booking. Turns out, it was a real booking on British Airways, a very big one that earned us a total of 70 EUR, of which 35 went to the whitelabel partner.

– Your Next Steps –

Brew a pot of coffee.


Now log into your Dohop affiliate account and take a look at your earnings in January, both the total earned and how much of this was from bookings and how much from leads. Compare this to another time period, perhaps the same number of days in October. If there is a big drop in leads and no bookings to make it up this may mean that you need to start focusing on trust factors, on getting traffic that is more travel-oriented. If there is a rise in your earnings, just keep doing what you are doing.

We are aware that these are big changes. If your numbers look really strange, let us know, either by sending an email, or by talking to us on the Google Plus Community, whichever you are more comfortable with.

Written by Johann Thorsson
Johann is on the Marketing team at Dohop. If you provide pie, he will come and speak at your event.