10 must-read marketing blogs for affiliates

Although we have a healthy doze of love for ourselves, we won’t pretend to have the most amazing blog in the world. We actually seek inspiration from many other marketing blogs out there who have proven themselves to be some of the best in the industry.

If you are anything like us, you are looking for great content and care less about fancy smancy design. Aside from this requirement, the marketing blogs on our list can be quite diverse. Some blogs will give you specific, actionable insights while others will inspire you to “think big”. Some will focus on affiliate marketing while others will cover much broader marketing topics.

This is not a list of the most popular marketing blogs out there (although some of them are popular). That list has been posted thousands of times and always looks the same. That’s boring. Besides, what’s mainstream contains a lot of “inside-the-box” ideas that won’t really get you to the next level because, well, everybody else is doing it. These are our favorite blogs, carefully selected after years browsing through the hundreds of blogs out there. Sure, some of these gems were discovered through a Google search, but most of them come through a trusted referral.

These 10 marketing blogs will surely help you take your online marketing to the next level:


Seth Godin

Ok, this one was predictable and the exception to what we talked about above. Even though Seth’s blog happens to be one of the most popular marketing blogs out there, it’s one of the very few blogs that focuses on quality content and inspires you to think differently – to think big. You will find this blog on many lists, but it’s one of the few blogs that actually deserves it. The below post is a perfect example of the thought provoking ideas Seth will continue to deliver to his readers.

A must-read post: “The limits of evidence-based marketing


Convince & Convert

This is another popular marketing blog, but we are mostly recommending a specific section of their blog. Convince & Convert founded and runs this marketing advisory company and he is also the author of one of the most helpful marketing books we have read – Youtility. This section of the blog is dedicated to the ideas found in that book and will most definitely transform how you think about marketing in general. Of course these ideas characterize the rest of their blog, so it’s well worth reading.

A must-read post: “9 new examples of youtility and incredibly useful marketing


Occam’s Razor

If you’re serious about digital marketing and analytics, Avinash Kaushik can definitely teach you a thing or two. He is a Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google and probably the closest you’ll get to receiving information straight from the source. His blog posts range from being highly technical to general internet marketing advice.

A must-read post: “Eight silly data myths marketing people believe that get them fired


A Smart Bear

Jason Cohen is an extremely smart entrepreneur and marketer, mostly famous for starting WP Engine. Most affiliates are entrepreneurs and might even be starting their own startup, so we like that he mixes those topics with marketing.

A must-read post: “Your idea sucks, now go do it anyway”


Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a lot of things, but at the heart of it, he’s an analytics expert. He has co-founded crazy successful companies such as KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg, and Quick Sprout and shares some of his wisdom on his marketing blog. He will give you real, actionable advice and guides that can be hugely helpful when it comes to improving your online marketing. He also writes for the companies he co-founded and is a big part of the huge success of their blogs, but we like getting the information straight from him on his personal blog.

A must-read post: “SEO copywriting: How to write content for people and optimize for Google


John Chow

There are a few blogs out there dedicated to affiliate marketing but, unfortunately, many of them are pretty bad. John Chow is one of the most recognized affiliate marketers and has been dedicated to teach his blog readers some of his wisdom. Some of his blog posts are written by his trusted partner bloggers, but they are usually very good. If you’re really into affiliate marketing, this is a must-read.

A must-read post: “How ranking #3 can generate more sales than ranking #1



It sounds like just another typical corporate blog, right? Surprisingly, Shopify’s blog is probably the best ecommerce blog out there. They are experts at ecommerce and they are not shy about sharing their knowledge. If your business has anything to do with ecommerce, you should be spending some time on this blog every week.

A must-read post: “6 foundational ecommerce marketing tactics to stop your bucket from leaking



Let’s face it. We are all trying to get our users to convert better. You get users to your site, but how do you maximize the amount of people that convert? The guys at ConersionXL cover this topic extensively and are one of our favorite marketing blogs when it comes to conversion optimization.

A must-read post: “Where should you start testing?



Not only do we like their service and their approach to email marketing, but we really like their blog. If you are wondering where to get some good tips on how to improve your email marketing, look no further.

A must-read post: “10 counter-intuitive lessons we’ve learned about email marketing


Smart Insights

Smart indeed. This marketing agency was founded by Dave Chaffey and Stu Miller. Dave is definitely one of the smartest and most ambitious marketing gurus out there and he has created a team at Smart Insights that reflects those qualities. When it comes to actionable marketing advice, Smart Insights is the place to go. Their blog is full of quality content, backed by research and data (which we love).

A must-read post: “The future of marketing is now


Looking for more?

If you are looking for more high-quality marketing blogs or are curious about which blogs are the most popular, here is a list of the top 10 most popular marketing blogs out there. The list is ordered by popularity and we both highlighted the blogs that we included in our top 10 and pointed out 3 other recommendations.

Written by Þorsteinn Sverrisson
Þorsteinn (Thor) is an online marketing guru at Dohop. He loves playing with numbers and has a secret love affair with graphic design.