Gain commission from flights with Dohop affiliate program

Did you find a great deal on a specific flight and want to share it with your audience? Here’s how you can share it, promote it and earn commission from the bookings:

If you are already part of our Whitelabel Program then you probably know how things work: you make your flight engine available to your audience on your site, direct relevant traffic towards it to allow people to find and book the best prices on flights while you earn a commission.

But how do you motivate more people to book a flight? One option is to market specific flight results or connections to particular destination and show the price!

Let’s say that you found a really cheap flight from Budapest to Hong-Kong and you would like to share it with your audience. How do you do that while making sure the bookings will yield you commission? It’s easy:

Find the flight result. Click the Share button as per the photo below:

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 12.28.00

Copy the link under “Link to this trip” and then share this link:

earn commission from flight with dohop affiliate

When anyone buys this flight using this exact link, their booking will yield you commission because it is tracked on your behalf.

You can then add specific marketing banners on your website that say, for example:  Fly from Budapest to Hong-Kong on 20 of Oct. starting at only $329! Book now! You can even promote this flight on your social media accounts. Just post the link to this flight and a compelling call to action.

Of course, you must remember that flight prices can go up and down without any notice so it’s smart to use terminology with pricing such as “starting at..” you must monitor the campaign often or set specific end dates for the banners to make sure the price has not changed.

Have you already been using this method? Let us know in the comments if you have any other tips for increasing your bookings. If you haven’t used this already then give it a try now!

Written by armina