Welcome to the Dohop Flight Affiliate Program

With Dohop's flight affiliate system, you can turn visits to your travel website into cash. In a few simple steps you can set up Dohop’s unique flight search on your site and start earning money every time a visitor to your site books a flight. Signing up is easy and there is no registration fee. You can create either a stand-alone flight search site, or add our search box to your own travel site.

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Why Is Dohop Better Than Other Travel Affiliate Programs?

After 10 years in the travel business we've learned one simple thing: we are really good at this. Other travel affiliate programs will not be able to show you Self-Connect prices calculated by our unique technology, which is trusted by partners such as London Gatwick airport and Russian search-engine Yandex.

And now, our flight search is available to you, to add to your travel website. The flight search box is fully customizable, meaning that all colors and borders and buttons and everything can be made to look exactly the way you want.

But don't just take our word for it... try a search and see for yourself.

How Much Can You Earn?

Earn money using our flight affiliate program

Your earnings on Dohop’s affiliate program are mostly based on the number of bookings generated from your site, but an added comparison option lets you earn even more. The more visitors you have searching for flights, the more bookings are generated and the more cash you earn. You can expect an average booking commission of about 5 EUR, meaning that for every 10 bookings made on your site, you earn 50 EUR. Compared to other travel affiliate programs, Dohop’s is very profitable. Maybe that’s why they voted us "World's Leading Flight Comparison Website" at the World Travel Awards.

How Is The Flight Search Set Up?

An example of a Dohop affiliate whitelabel

You simply sign up, fill in a few details, decide whether you want a simple search widget to add to your page or a full-blown whitelabel site and away you go. Once accepted into the program, you can customize the search box to best fit your color scheme, or you can write your own css to completely redesign everything, top-down.

  • Set up a flight-search on your site in minutes
  • Show your users the world's finest flight search
  • Hundreds of airlines and OTAs
  • Earn money for traffic you already have
  • Get paid for visitors that book flights through your site

Travel Website Examples

FlightCloud travel whitelabel site
Vliegtickets Dohop affiliate whitelabel site
Pinncco Dohop affiliate whitelabel

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